Announcing My Newest Book: Masterful Relationships

Masterful Relationships eBook ->

I am very pleased to announce that my newest workbook, Masterful Relationships, is now available in ebook form (as a .pdf file).

Just put your email address in the box in the sidebar to the right and you’ll receive a link to download your copy of Masterful Relationships, along with my previous two workbooks, Masterful Networking and Time Management Strategies and Tactics.

Masterful Relationships has seven short chapters, each with an exercise to help you put what you read into practice in your own life and work. The workbook focuses on professional relationships, but you can also use what you learn in your personal life.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get inside

  • Chapter 1: Listening Actively – how to be fully present in your conversations and show your interest in others
  • Chapter 2: Serving Others – how to make a great impression and build on an initial connection
  • Chapter 3: Demonstrating Loyalty and Integrity – how to live out your values in your relationships
  • Chapter 4: Coaching, Leading and Managing – how to get the most from your employees and team members
  • Chapter 5: Building Social Capital – how to create high-quality relationships and repair damaged ones
  • Chapter 6: Networking Effectively – how to put in consistent effort for great results
  • Chapter 7: Gaining Trust – how to help colleagues, clients and friends trust you

To get access to your copy of Masterful Relationships, just enter your email address in the sidebar.