Business and Executive Coaching

I offer one-on-one in-person coaching to business owners, executives, and high potential professionals in organizations of all sizes.  Each coaching engagement is tailored and customized to help each unique individual achieve the results they desire.

How many of the following objectives do you want to achieve?

  • Take my professional life to the next level
  • Develop stronger, more effective professional relationships
  • Expand my leadership and management skills
  • Be an outstanding coach for myself and my colleagues
  • Enhance my job satisfaction, effectiveness, and life balance
  • Improve my health and deal more effectively with career and life stress
  • Enhance my use of time in the achievement of my professional goals
  • Develop and implement a plan for my professional life
  • Develop the business skills of my staff or team
  • Attract quality customers and talented staff
  • Make effective values-based career and life decisions
  • Make more money and work fewer hours
  • Be a masterful networker and business developer
  • Have greater clarity regarding my view of my professional future
  • Work more effectively outside my comfort zone
  • Bounce back better from professional setbacks
  • Have greater confidence
  • Spend more time and energy on what is most important to me
  • Have my professional life make a greater difference in the world

If you were able to agree with many of the statements above, please contact me today.

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I’ve enjoyed the benefits of being personally coached by Barry and have received his outstanding help in coaching numerous of my work colleagues. The return on investment has been profound. If you place value on becoming a great manager and masterful leader, I urge you to talk with Barry. If you wish to excel at coaching and mentoring others in their attainment of personal mastery, do not hesitate to talk with Barry. You will rapidly find yourself equipped with a comprehensive set of tools to accomplish these goals.
– Michael Burns

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