Coaching Assessments

As you consider establishing a coaching relationship with me, you will want to do some preliminary work to ensure that you’ll receive  maximum value. The assessments listed below will help you accurately determine the value proposition of working with me.

The time commitment for you to complete a single assessment or many will vary based on your specific interests and goals.  Also, you have a choice to complete them simply for your own purposes or submit them to me for a personal one-on-one evaluation.  In either case, you will find these exercises insightful and potentially life-enhancing, since you will be taking a major step toward realizing the achievement of high priority professional and personal goals. Invest the time to determine what is both urgent and important in your life and consider taking necessary steps to realize these goals in partnership with me.

I encourage you to scan over the assessments you feel most reflect your current interests and provide your initial responses and answers. A good place to start is with the first three. You may then print out these surveys for further review, share them with others for their input, or submit them for my review and a no obligation value assessment.

These next assessments are ones that go into greater depth on specific areas: