Below is some feedback from some of my clients:

Business and Executive Coaching

“In looking at the many high recommendations that Barry has received, one cannot fail to be impressed by his many accomplishments. He has without doubt made a valuable difference in the lives of many, myself included. This is a rare occasion when I get to say a sincere thank you Barry! I’ve known Barry for fifteen years having met him shortly after I first left Europe to come to work in Michigan. That was quite soon after Barry courageously left a secure job to pursue his Vision – to be a professional business coach and to change his world and the world of others for the better.

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of being personally coached by Barry and have received his outstanding help in coaching numerous of my work colleagues. The return on investment has been profound. If you place value on becoming a great manager and masterful leader, I urge you to talk with Barry. If you wish to excel at coaching and mentoring others in their attainment of personal mastery, do not hesitate to talk with Barry. You will rapidly find yourself equipped with a comprehensive set of tools to accomplish these goals.”
– Michael Burns

DarrenJohnston“I have been very fortunate to have worked with Barry as my Executive Coach for the past year. Not having worked with a coach before, I honestly did not know what to expect as we began our coaching relationship. Reflecting on the past year, it was a valuable experience and I will continue to keep in touch with Barry going forward. Barry utilizes his professional experience from employment with large organizations such as Pfizer and his personal experience from being a husband, father and son along with experience from the 1,000+ individuals he has coached to motivate you to achieve your personal best.

I have learned simple, yet very valuable tools that are useful in both personal and professional life. Through my work with Barry, these tools have been engrained in my DNA and are utilized daily without having to think about it. I can honestly say that both my personal and professional relationships have improved due to my coaching engagement with Barry. I highly recommend Barry to anyone trying to achieve their personal best and certainly look forward to working with Barry in the future.”
– Darren Johnston

DericRighterI have had the pleasure of working with Barry over the past two years. His coaching style and focus on personal excellence and networking has been highly beneficial in my development as a CEO. More recently, his support and guidance has helped me begin the career transition process. I would highly recommend Barry to senior executives seeking coaching for leadership development, life balance and business relationships.

–  Deric Righter, CEO, ThyssenKrupp USA

I have known and worked with Barry for over two years. I have also worked with several other business/life coaches in the past. Barry’s approach with his clients is quite different than most of the experiences I’ve had, namely:

1) It’s your agenda. He doesn’t try and force something on you or come at you with predisposed notions of what you should or shouldn’t be doing. You feel that you have ownership of the time you spend together.
2) He doesn’t try and change personality traits. For instance, my personality is one of collaboration, dealing with people in hopefully a respectful way, and making decisions based on information. Past people in my role had a perceived, “kick-ass and take names later” type personality. We worked on my strengths, without changing who I really was and made me into a better and more effective leader while not compromising who I was deep down.
3) The stuff we talk about is not just business-related. The techniques and strategies he uses are often times just as applicable to personal matters as they are to business encounters. He is interested in the whole person.
4) I call them my “aha moments” (think back to the V8 commercials). The takeaways from our time together are oftentimes so simple and direct, I kick myself for not coming up with them myself.
5) The takeaways are simple to apply. So many times you leave meetings like I have with Barry with a whole list of things to do. You get back to the office, get into the normal grind, and pretty soon you find yourself not being able to enact on the problem-solving techniques discussed. Not so with Barry. It goes back to the simple approach he takes and sticking to a few key concepts/actions to take.
6) Oh yeah, and he doesn’t make you feel inadequate or bad if you don’t complete all the things previously discussed but at the same time, he has that subtle/collaborative ability that makes you hold yourself accountable in the end. Comes down to really self-awareness.

As a coach, sounding board and friend, he’s top notch.

– Mark Matheson, Chief Credit Officer, Crestmark Bank

KenGuity“Barry has been an excellent Personal Coach to me. He brings positive energy, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to our discussions. I find every discussion with Barry fruitful, leaving the conversation with fresh ideas regarding the challenges that I face. I would recommend Barry to anyone seeking to improve the effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.”
– Ken Guity


Personal Excellence Coaching

“I have known Barry for over five years. He has always presented himself as a professional of the utmost integrity, follow through and knowledge. I know that when I refer individuals to him they will be treated with this same level of respect and professionalism. The individuals I have referred to Barry thank me time and again for introducing them to one of the best coaches in the business.”
– Todd Hohauser, Vice President, Harvey Hohauser & Associates

“Barry and I have been working together for a fairly short time and the results I am seeing from our interaction is, in a word, stunning. His forward, yet compassionate, way of driving me to be my best is unmatched in my experience. When I need a kind word of encouragement, he delivers it with love and tact. When I need a swift kick in the pants, he delivers it with love and tact. He is showing me capabilities in myself that I could not see. He is challenging me to think MUCH bigger than I am capable of doing on my own.

There is no question that the investment is worth the return. I look forward to seeing what he is able to pull out of me in the years to come. I recommend him to anyone with the courage to face their own failings and the desire to overcome them quickly. Thank you Barry for being the coach I needed at this stage of my business.”
– Dan Walker

I have had the privilege to work with Barry over the last couple of years and it has been a wonderful experience. Barry truly cares about helping people reach their goals and their full potential. He practices what he preaches in his own life and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a coach that will make a difference.”
– Tracy-Ann Palmer, Partner Management at SalesForce.com


Team and Group Coaching

“As a leader in the coaching profession, Barry’s presence in any group is both steadying and challenging. As the facilitator of our ConnecTech Mentoring Program with CIOs, we trust him to build the coaching skills of our CIO mentors–not always an easy task, but one with which he exceeded everyone’s expectations. We also rely on him to create momentum in the program, which he does by skillfully asking the right questions, not intruding. Barry’s an invaluable friend and colleague; I consider myself lucky to know him.”
– Danielle Delonge, ConnecTech Manager, Automation Alley

“I was referred to Barry by an existing client in late 2009 who thought my organization could benefit greatly from the help of an expert business coach. Both myself and my employees have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Barry in the coaching process that has helped to develop new strategic company products, enhance customer communication, make project management more efficient, and maintain a razor sharp focus on our core services.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner having gone through the coaching process I have a difficult time envisioning the growth of any company without support of a business coach. If you, or your company, are being counted on right now to produce championship results, then you need the best coach in the business … you need Barry Demp.”
– Judd Seida

MichelleCulver“Working with Barry has provided me with opportunities for new ways of thinking, challenged me to be a better leader, and to be a better coach to colleagues. His coaching and counsel have provided me with new tools to further develop my career and I would recommend him to others without debate.”
– Michelle Culver

Personal and Life Coaching

“I was extremely fortunate to meet, and receive life coaching services from Barry Demp. His skilled coaching services have made a profound impact in my life. He is an outstanding listener and highly competent in his field. Barry effectively guided me, and instilled the courage, to step outside my comfort zones to lead a more authentic and successful life. Whether seeking to improve a small aspect of your life, or if you are considering a life ‘overhaul,’ I’d recommend consulting with Barry.”
– Gregory J. Parry, JD, MPS

“Barry Demp coaching was instrumental in my self-discovery and personal growth process. I enjoyed his ‘no nonsense’ communication style which made it easy to comprehend new concepts. His patience and encouragement kept me engaged even when there were external distractions. Throughout the coaching relationship, he maintained strong belief in my capabilities and untapped potential. I can attest to the benefit Barry’s coaching expertise when facing new challenges and adopting new behaviors.”
– Lisa Perazza, PMP

BrianKlaus“I feel very fortunate to have continued my work with Barry over the last few years. Barry’s business acumen and inexhaustible passion for coaching continues to be undeniably contagious and inspiring. He is a naturally articulate leader, manager, and coach that is recommended to anyone looking to expand their personal, family, and career endeavors. And to boot, he is a nice guy!”
– Brian Klaus

Coaching for Coaches

“Barry changed my life! He introduced me to Coaching and a venue to realize my Personal Life Vision as a very successful coach myself. I have owned and successfully developed my company that trains integrated Leadership, Management and Coaching over the last 9 years, and I couldn’t have done it without Barry’s critical help. Are you in question as to whether you can have the life you are capable of? If so, hire Barry and you won’t wonder anymore. You’ll know!”
– Al Killeen, President, Integrative Mastery Programs

JohnBeiter“‘In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.’ – Albert Schweitzer

This was quote #96 from Barry’s Quotable Coach, which was the essence of why I sought an executive coach as a licensed psychologist and executive coach myself – working to build a new business in a new state and new venture. I am still a Work-In-Progress as I am only about two months into our engagement. Even though I have many more months to work with Barry thankfully, I already am feeling and experiencing the “flame” of our engagement. Barry was able to help me distill out my Life Vision and based on that one powerful exercise alone, I am energized and enthused about the course my life is taking. As Barry has said, ‘No one needs a coach, everyone deserves one!’ Why not be that person that deserves to live the life you always had envisioned and let Barry show you the way through his support and encouragement.”
– John Beiter

“After a successful career in the corporate world, I hired Barry as I started down a new path as an entrepreneur. Barry helped me clarify my vision for my executive coaching practice. He challenges and stretches you and yet is supportive and encouraging. Barry definitely helped me accelerate my business!”
– Pam Murdock, Executive Coach